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Mrs Loxton & Mrs R-P's Group

Good news everyone, we've finished Phase 5b!  Congratulations to you all.  Today we will revise phase 5b and then move on to Phase 5c tomorrow.  


Start by revising the different sounds made by these graphemes.  Don't worry if you can't remember ALL of them.  The most important thing is that you understand that these letters and digraphs can make two (or sometimes more) different sounds.  This will really help you when you are reading.

i  o  c   g  u  ow

ie  ea  a  y  ch  ou

Now check that you can still spell the following words.  (your adult might want to give you a quick spelling test once you've practiced these)

little   one   do

when   what   out

Now use the tricky word trucks to check that you can read the phase 5b tricky words.  Don't worry if you can't just select phase 5a instead.