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Mrs Loxton's and Mrs R-P's Group

Can you un-muddle these tricky words?

tou   atwh   newh    eon   tteil  od

Write them accurately in your  red books.  Practise spelling the ones that you found difficult yesterday.


Remind yourself about the alternative pronunciations that we have looked at so far.  Read these through and remind yourself what different sounds they can make.

i   o   c   g   u   ow   ie

Now read these words; 

tie  thief

gate   giant

but  bull   unicorn

crumpet   fence

bowl   crown

mice   ink

open   song

Today we are going to learn to read some new tricky words.  If you are not confident reading the phase 5 tricky words then focus on these.  If however you can read these confidently start to work on this new set of words.


If you are confident reading phase 5a words, today focus on the first eight phase 5b words;

water   where   who   again  

thought   though  work   mouse