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Mrs Loxton's and Mrs R-P's group

Start your session today by practicing these -ing words.  Read them first, then practice spelling them in your red books by writing each one three times.

walking   climbing   pushing  falling

Watch out for the al in walking making an or sound like in beanstalk.  Climbing is tricky because it has a silent b in it.  The u in pushing is making a short oo sound.  In falling watch out for the tricky word all.  They are harder words today so I've only given you four to learn.  We will use them later in our literacy lesson to write sentences about Jack.  


I've noticed how confidently you are now reading your Year 1 Common Exception Words, so if you can now read at least 40 of these I'd like you to start to look at the Year 2 Common Exception Words.  You will be surprised at how many of these you already know.  Read them through with your adult.   If you need to keep working on the Year 1 words I have attached a list of these too.