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Mrs Loxton's and Mrs R-P's Groups

Today we are going to look at alternative spellings for c.  Read these words.  Which part of each word is making a c sound?

cat   lick   kit   

box  school  queen

In cat, c makes a c sound, in lick, ck makes a c sound, in kit, k makes a c sound.  In box, x makes a cs sound, in school, ch makes a c sound and in queen, qu makes a cw sound.  


Today we will write some sentences to help us practice spelling c words.


The quick fox kicks like a cat.

A box of cookies is quite cool.


Can a skunk quack like a duck?

The children will need some support with words such as cookies and quite.  They will need reminding of the ck ending in words that end ck (ck always follows a short vowel sound).