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Mrs Loxton's and Mrs R-P's Groups

Please can you start this session by revising reading some of the phase 5 tricky words.  Here is a power point to help you.

Can you remember all the different ways to spell the long ee phoneme?  Have a go at writing them in your red literacy book.

ee  ea  e-e  e  y  ey  ei

Some of these are not used very often, like ei (vein) and some of them are more common.  Lets look at the more common spellings of the long ee sound today.  Use the worksheet below to help you practice spelling words spelt ee, ea, ey, e-e and y.  Remember that y and ey are found at the end of words.  If you don't have a printer, look at the worksheet on your phone or laptop and make a list in your red books of ee, ea, ey, e-e and y words (four of each).  Perhaps you'd like to add a few drawings to your work.