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Mrs Loxton's & Mrs R-P's Group

Start the session by talking about the alternative pronunciations for the following graphemes;

i   o   u   g   c

ow   ie   ea   a

Now read through these tricky words;

water   where   who    again

thought    through

work   mouse

Now we've done our revision, we're going to look at alternative pronunciations for the letter y.

Read the following words, talk about what sound the letter y is making in each of them.

yellow   yes   by   sky

funny   mummy   gym   crystal

Y is a very naughty letter (it thinks it is a vowel!).  In yellow it makes a y sound, in by and sky it makes a long igh sound.  n funny and mummy it makes a long ee sound and in gym and crystal it makes a short i sound.  It's a very naughty letter!

Now have a go at sorting these y words with Acorn Adventures below.


Have a go at spelling some long i words spelt y.  If you don't have a printer then have a go at writing them in your red books and maybe drawing a picture to go with each one (the drawing is optional).

Have a go at spelling some long i words spelt y (sky, fly etc..)