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Mrs Loxton's & Mrs R-P's Group

Today we will spend another session revising previous learning before moving on tomorrow to some new learning.

Start the session by spending 5 minutes practising your spellings.  If you are confident at spelling these words now then use the time to write two sentences using the spellings.  For example you could write; The little frog jumped out of the pond.  When can my little cat go out?  Write these in your red literacy books.

little            when

one               what

do                 out 


Can you remember what alternative sounds g can make?  Try to read these words to help you remember;

magic   giant   go   get  ginger 

If you want to practise this some more try this game.


Next we will revise c.  Can you remember what sounds this letter can make?  Try reading these words and talk about the different sounds c can make.

cell   cat   acid   cow   ice   face  clap

If you want to practise this more then play this game with the Cheeky Chimps.  Watch out for the banana skins! 

Finish your session today by reading through all of these Phase 5 graphemes.