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Mrs Loxton's & Mrs R-P's Groups

Welcome to your daily phonics session.

Today I would like you to start with a spelling test.  Ask your adult to test you on the following six words (no peeping!);  little, one, do, when, what & out.

Ask your adult to mark your test for you and send me the results if you wish too (I will not share these photos unless you ask me to).  Now send the rest of the week working on the ones that you found difficult today.  

So far in Phase 5b we have learnt alternative pronunciations for the following, please talk to your adult and tell them what sounds these graphemes can make.  Remember u can make three different sounds.

i    o    c    g    u    ow    ie

Use that knowledge to help you read the words below;

pig      wild

open     long

clap   rice

grip  magic

tuba   tub   pull

window   cow

pie   field

These are not easy words so don't worry if your child needs help to read them.  Help them by reminding them what sound the tricky part of the word is making eg in magic you could say, remember g can make a j sound, in ie remember that ie can make a long ee sound etc..


Finish by writing a two sentences.

Is a brown owl at the window?

I have a magic garden.