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Mrs Loxton's & Mrs R-P's Groups

Revise the alternative pronunciations for the following graphemes;

i  o   c   g   u   ow   ie   ea   a

Now read these words, think about what sound the underlined letter is making.

  tiger    pink   open   clock   ginger

  green   under  computer   push now 

  slow   pie  field   bead   head  wasp

  acorn  crack

We'll finish the week with a game.  How many words can you make using only the letters in the word...rhinoceros


Sort the letters into vowels and consonants first.  Then work out what digraphs you can use, for example you have oo, er, ir, oe, ie, i-e, o-e sh, ch.  So to start you off you could make the following words; in, son, chin, soon, nose etc..  What is the longest word you can make?  How many different words can you make in total? What sound is the c making in the word rhinoceros?

Let me know how you get on.