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Mrs R-P's and Mrs Loxton's Group

This week we are going to focus on learning to read and then spell the days of the week.  We will use the opportunity to revise some of the graphemes that we come across in the days of the week such as ay, ue, ur and i making a long igh sound.  If your child can confidently spell the days of the week already then spend sometime this week making sure that they can spell all of the year 1 common exception words.  I will attached a list below for you.  

Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

Now just practice reading those days again.  Can you read them in order?  Can you read them out of order?

Monday                    Sunday

Tuesday                   Thursday

Wednesday              Tuesday

Thursday                  Friday

Friday                      Monday

Saturday               Wednesday

Sunday                     Saturday

Now have a go at spelling Sunday and Monday.  Write each word three times.  Remember that the ay sound at the end of the word is spelt ay. The o in Monday is making an u sound.  How did you get on?