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Mrs R-P's and Mrs Loxton's Group

We'll do another revision session this Friday.

Start your session by seeing if you can remember how to spell this next set of phase 5 words.

said        so

come      have

some      like


Revise your recognition of phase 5 graphemes with the time challenge from phonics play.  Select Phase 5a.

Next have a go at reading these phase 5 words.

toe           these

daub         slide

key           home

cake         cube

We'll finish with a game.  How many words can you make using the letters from the word...


Start by sorting the vowels and consonants.  You have two i's and two e's in this word so you will be able to make some long vowel sounds too, like ee, i-e and ie, and some digraphs like ir and er.  Start with short words like; in, I, win, pin etc.  Then try some longer words; wink, link, leek, like.  How many words can you make?  What's the longest word that you can make?