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Mrs R-P's and Mrs Loxton's groups

Today we are going to revise the alternative pronunciations of the letter g.  Have a go at reading these g words.

grab   grow  good

magic  giant  huge

In the first three words the g is making a g sound.  In the second three words the g is making a j sound.  Giant is a particularly difficult word to read and spell because the i is making a long i sound as well as the g making a j sound.  Our language isn't easy!

Practice reading and sorting g words by playing Cheeky Chimps on Phonics Play.

If you have a printer you could print and match these g words with the correct pictures.
Finish your session by reading through these Year 2 common exception words.  Ask your adult to help you with any words you are unsure of.  Remember if you need to practice reading the year 1 words you must focus on these before moving on to the year 2 words.  You need to be able to read at least 40 year 1 words before trying the year 2 words.