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Mrs R-P's and Mrs Loxton's Groups

For our final lesson, I thought we should play a game.  This is a great game for travelling or for a quiet few minutes at home.  All you need is a long word (of your choice), a pencil and a piece of paper.  Use the letters in your long word to make as many words as you can.  When we play this game at school we usually split the vowels and consonants up, then we look at any long vowel sounds that we might be able to make.  I usually encourage them to look for the short words first, then we work up to longer words.  

Today's word was suggested by one of the children that played this game with me last year and it's such a lovely word, I've used it again today.


Constantinople was the capital city of the Roman Empire.  

Vowels; o   a   i    o    e

Consonants; c   n   s   t   n   t   n  p  l 

Long Vowel sounds oa, ie, oo, ai, o-e, a-e, i-e, oe, ea


Some words to start you off...

I   a    in    at   is ...

can  sit  pin ...

line   cane  pole  plane

plant  pint  stool  pool

If a remember rightly we did quite well with this word last year and managed to find over 20 words.  How many did you get? 

Good Luck!