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You've learnt the first six songs, What shall we do?, Jack went to market', 'And the Beanstalk Grew', 'And he went higher', 'Fee Fi Fo Fum' and 'I am the Golden Hen'.     You might want to start today's lesson by singing all those songs through.  Today we are going to work on the final song in the series (part 7) called 'We're Rich'. Watch Episode 13 and 14 of the story and then learn the song using the tutorial video. Now you've learnt all the songs, you could put on a concert for your family.  Happy Singing.

If you've enjoyed this series of lessons, there are more.  If you'd like to continue to learn songs with your child/children over the holidays there is a lovely set of lessons all linked to the sea called 'Sun, sea and song!'.  The link is below.  Let me know how you get on. 

Don't forget that you can still contact me during the holidays using the email address