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A Lego Rhythm Activity

This is the wonderful Mrs Durrant (her name rhymes with “currant”) who has a great way for us to learn about rhythm patterns using Lego!  Get ready to take part.  There is lots for you to do while you watch the lesson.

Do lesson 1 first.  The lesson is about 10 minutes.  When you finish the video, you could use Lego to make up your own rhythm in 4 beats like Mrs Durrant. Remember she uses 4 blue dots and each dot is one beat. You could use 4 coasters or cut 4 shapes from paper for your beats. Each beat can have 1 Lego brick (“ta”), 2 (“titi”) or none (a rest).

Practise clapping your rhythm or try playing it on an instrument or on something you can find at home like 2 wooden spoons tapped together.

Now try lesson 2.  It is about 10minutes long.