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Activity 1

We'll start today's lesson by reading through the phase 3 tricky words, once we have practiced reading them I'd like you to practice spelling them  (see your own target spellings so that you know which ones you need to focus on) 

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

For those of you that can already spell all these words I'd like you to focus on spelling Wednesday today.  Split this one up to spell; Wed-nes-day.


Now practice spelling Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Activity 2

Mrs Brookes group I'd like you to play Make a Match again, this time see if you can beat the time that you got yesterday.


Mrs Roberts-Powell's group

I'd like you to have a go at spelling some words with adjacent consonants (phase 4 words).

Can you spell these CVCC words...


Play Make a Match (Phase 4) then have a go at spelling a few of the words from the game.