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Activity 1

We'll start by whizzing through the phase 3 phonemes using phonics play today.  Mrs Brookes group just say the ones you know and let your adult help you with the ones you have yet to cover.  Select Phase 3.

Activity 2

Send a few minutes practicing your target spellings.  For those of you that can already spell the tricky words, have a go at learning to spell Thursday today.  There are a couple of tricky bits, the ur and the ay. 


Now see if you can remember how to spell Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Don't forget that they all start with capital letters. 


Activity 3

Mrs Roberts-Powell's group

Now have a go at writing these sentences.

We drink pink milk. 

The chimp can jump and swing.

For Mrs Brookes group have a go at writing this sentence...

       I can see a moth.