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Activity 1

Mrs Brookes group practice reading these phase 3 tricky words.

Mrs Roberts-Powell's group please watch this video and practice reading your phase 4 tricky words.

Activity 2

Practice spelling your target spellings (sent via Tapestry before Christmas).  For those of you ready to move on I'd like you to practice spelling Friday today.  The tricky bit of Friday is the letter i making a long i sound (like it does in tiger or lion) 


Finish by writing the days of the week from Monday to Friday.

Activity 3

Practice reading these phase 4 words.

step   spot   skip   trip

plan   twin  from  swing

Play Dragons Den, select Phase 4 CCV and CCVC words, set 1-7, or for extra challenge the game that includes digraphs.  

Finish by writing a sentence...

They think pink socks are best.

For Mrs Brookes children, have a go at this sentence...

     I can sing a song.