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Start by spending a few minutes practicing your own target spellings.  Then read through the phase 4 tricky words.

If you prefer you can do this using the Tricky Word Trucks.  Select Phase 4.

Today we will focus on spelling two syllable phase 4 words.  Have a go at spelling words to go with the pictures below.




For parents, the words I'd like them to spell are; handstand, pondweed, sandpit, lunchbox, windmill and lightning.  Use their phase 3 phonic sheet so they they can find the igh sound if they need to and remind them that there are two ll's in mill.  Expect them to split the words up and spell each syllable carefully, so sound out hand, then stand.  I would also encourage them to sound out all the sounds and count them on their fingers.  The letters they are most likely to miss are one of the adjacent consonants. 

Please could the children write the words in their home school books.


To finish today I'd like the children to write a sentence using one of the two syllable words above.  For example they could write;

This frog is chomping on pondweed.