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Start today's session by practicing spelling these Phase 5 spellings.

said   so   have   like 

How did you get on.  There are lots of tricky parts to these words.  Watch out for a and i in said.  O in so makes a long o sound.  It's easy to forget the e at the end of have and like has an i-e making a long e sound, so lots to think about with these four words.  


Once you've practiced the words above we'll move on to learning the ph sound.  Ph makes a f sound.  Have a go at reading these ph words.  Then watch the video.

dolphin   orphan   phonics

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ph/

Practice reading these real and fake ph words.  Can you sort them too?

Finish by reading these sentences.  Watch out for the ph words.

My nephew said the alphabet.

Can a dolphin whisper?

An elephant said he flew like a bird.