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This week we will continue to work on phase 5.  Look at your phase 5 phonemes and see how many you can remember.

Play Flashcard speed trial to see how many you know now.  Don't worry if you don't recognise them all yet, you have only learnt them up to ph.  This week we'll look at ew, oe and au.  

Next I'd like you to spend a few minutes practicing spelling the following words.  Can you spell them without checking?

said     so    have     like

Now let's look at the sound ew.  You already know an ew sound.  oo makes an oo sound in moon, spoon and soon.  ew can also make a yoo sound like in the word new.  Have a go at reading these ew words.

moon   spoon    baboon

few   dew   grew

ew for /oo/ and /yoo/ sounds - Phonics

Finish your session today by having a go at spelling these ew words.