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If you are in Mrs Roberts-Powell's phonics group, you can do this phonics work if you would like to.  Mrs Roberts-Powell has also put work for you on year 1 class page.  Please go to the Year 1 class page and find the phonics work for each day.  Thank you.

Today you are going to practise reading and spelling these words:


every                            told

find                              behind

improve                        bath

hour                             children


Click on the link above to practise.  Keep trying until you get them correct.


Challenge:  Can you add a suffix onto any of the words?  How many new words can you make?  Top tip:  Some words can't have a suffix.

e.g. bathing     bathed  


Here are the suffixes that we have already learnt in phonics.

ed   ing     s     ful     ment    ness    ly    less     y