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Hello again Year 2,

Today we are going to learn about noun phrases.  There is a PowerPoint to work through with some sentences for you to complete, so you will need your book to write in.  Click through it slowly and carefully because there is a teacher talking and there are some instructions to listen to.


When you have finished learning about noun phrases on the PowerPoint I would like you to: 

1.  Draw any character from The Paper Bag Princess and write their name.  Don’t forget to use a capital letter for their name.
2.  Write 3 or 4 correctly punctuated sentences describing what they look like.
3.  Write 3 or 4 sentences to say what kind of personality they have.
4.   Use exciting and interesting adjectives to describe your nouns.

5.  Challenge yourself to add adverbs as well.  You could use really, extremely, usually, very, quite