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Hello again,

Today I would like you to plan your own story based on The Paper Bag Princess.  You could change the characters, the setting, the beginning or the ending.  You can write your plan down using pictures and words if you want to.  I have attached a plan someone in Year 2 did a few years ago and another example that might be helpful.

When you have planned your story, practise saying your story and then when you are confident tell it to your family. 

You could even ask someone to record/film your story telling.

You do not have to write the story, but you can if you want to.  


Extra Challenge:  

Do your own drawings of the characters from your story and cut them out.  Use card if you  have some.

Glue the pictures to lolly sticks or strips of thick cardboard.

Use them to retell the story your have planned.