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How are the seeds getting on that you sowed last half term?  Have any of you planted your plants in the garden yet?  Keep sending me pictures of your gardening, I love to see what you've been growing.  

This week I'd like you to think about whether or not plants can be eaten? I'd also like you to think about which parts of the plant you can eat.  Below is a sorting grid and some pictures that I'd like you to sort.  If you don't have a printer you can email me and I'll get the documents printed out for you. Or you could draw in your red books, a leaf that we eat, a stem, a flower (bud), a root and a fruit, don't forget to label your pictures and send me a picture of your finished work.  You could also just go to your kitchen and see if you can find an example of a stem, leaf, flower (bud), fruit and root that you can eat.