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The activity that I have found for you today comes from the Wildlife Trust's 30 days wild challenge that they run every June.  It's not to late to sign up to it at home if you wish.  The link is below.

Today I'd like you to start the 30 Days Wild Bingo.  You do not need to do the whole sheet in one day.  Take it out with you when you go on your walks and see what you can find.



In school this week we counted nine House Martin's nests on the side of the school.  We've enjoyed watching them flying and even found some of their tiny egg shells on the playground floor.  One of the nests is being mended at the moment and we can see the wet mud that they are using to mend their nest with.  We've planted Zinnia's and Nasturtiums in the planter under our window.  We also spotted ladybirds and Scarlett Tiger Moths.