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Amazing Plant Facts


Did you know that some plants are carnivorous?  This means they need to eat meat to survive.  They eat insects and even small animals like frogs.  There are over 700 different types (species) of carnivorous plants found around the world.  

Carnivorous Plant Facts for Kids!

Join Mr. DeMaio and friends as they meet some incredible carnivorous plants! From the venus flytrap to the pitcher plant to the lobster pot trap, this video ...

Now have a go at growing some plants of your own.

If you have a garden and some seeds have a go at sowing some seeds today (or over the coming week).  I recommend nasturtiums, sunflowers, pumpkins, peas or beetroot.  All these have quite large seeds which are easy for the children to handle.  Let me know how you get on.  If we get back to school before the end of the summer term then we'll have a go at growing some seeds in school. 

If you don't have any seeds (or can't get hold of any seeds)  Try growing some plants using the vegetable scraps that you throw away.  Watch the video below to find out how it is done.  

Indoor gardening - grow food from kitchen scraps

How to use fruit and veg scraps from your fridge to grow new food!

Let me know how you get on.