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Storm Eunice - Home Learning


If you / we are unable to be in school Friday 18th February, here are some suggested activities you could try:


1) You could make a start on your online safety competition poster.


2) Writing: We have been exploring using simple, compound and complex sentences.  Can you write a few descriptive sentences about the weather?  Use adjectives / expanded noun phrases.  Extra points if you can use one of each sentence type.

Simple - The fierce wind blew.

Compound (and, but, or) - The ancient trees swayed dangerously in the wind, but did not fall.

Complex (because, as, when) - Because of the awful weather, the children worked hard at home.


3) Maths: Either print out, or write onto paper the answers to the times table grid.

4) PE - We were due to complete this sports challenge in school, but you could complete it at home too.  You do not need to submit your scores.


5) Reading - Please include some reading time.


6) History - We enjoyed beginning to learn about some of the Ancient Egyptian Gods.  Read a little more about some of the other Gods / Goddesses. 

7) Other ideas: See if there is anything you could finish on Google Classroom - maybe some more digital art, blob operas, Interland, touch typing etc.