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Summer Term


In literacy over the next few weeks our work will be based around the story of Kassim and the Greedy Dragon.  We will be learning this story off by heart and using it as a basis for our written work.  We have already written questions for Kassim and next will be describing Kassim and re-inventing the title.  In the coming weeks we will design and describe our own dragons and re-write the story as a class making changes to the original story.  At the bottom of this page you'll find more dragon stories, go and take a look.  


Mrs Brookes phonics group are working on securing phase 3.  Learning to read and spell words using the phase 3 graphemes and practicing reading the phase 3 tricky words.

Mrs Roberts-Powell's and Mrs Hunts group are revising spelling using the phase 3 graphemes.  Learning to read the final few Year 1 Common Exception words and learning to spell tricky words from phases 4-5.  In addition to this we have looked at all the phase 5 graphemes and have practiced reading (and in some cases spelling) words containing these.  


We are currently looking at the additive and subtraction structures of aggregation and partitioning.  We will be learning how to use the addition, subtraction and equals symbols confidently in our own written calculations.  

Writing calculations such as;

10 = 3 + 7

10 = 7 + 3

7 + 3 =10

3 + 7 = 10

We will also be talking about what the numbers in these calculations represent and relate the calculations to an image or picture, for example...

As well as this we will be looking at missing number problems, such as ? + 7 = 10, 10 = ? + 3,  3+7=?.  Again children will be supported by images if they need them.  


We will be learning about plants over the next few weeks and have already drawn and labeled a dandelion plant.  Over the coming weeks we will learn to name common garden and wild flowers and will grow our own peas or beans.  We will also learn to name the parts of a tree.  


Mrs Brookes started our History topic of Houses and Homes this week.  We looked at lots of different types of houses and homes and learnt about old and new (modern) houses and decided what types of house would be our dream house.  I'll aim to add photos of their work in the coming weeks.  Over the next few weeks we will look at some artifacts from the past and ask questions about them to try and discover what they were used for.  

Design and Technology

Our DT topic links to our history topic.  We will be making a model house later in the half term.  Leading up to this make we will learn how to cut shapes out of card to create windows and how to make a simple hinge to create a door.  The children will design their houses before making them.  Again I will add photos of this topic as we work through it.  The windows that they made this week were super.  


In RE the children have been learning about the bible and have been looking at the story of creation.  

They have made a collage to depict the story.  


The children continue to love their PE lessons.  We have been focusing on games skills and include stretching and strengthening exercises in each of our sessions as well as games to raise our heart rates.