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This week's work - for a few days absence

Week Commencing 19th October 2020


This week we are going to start putting similes together to form a simple poem about ourselves. 


1) Start by thinking listening to the 'Everything at Once' song by Lenka.  Write down as many adjectives and nouns that you can hear: 


Lenka - Everything At Once (Official Video)

For example.... sly fox   /  strong ox / busy bee / straight line / pretty picture


2) Now start to think of adjectives to describe yourself and a noun that would work well with it to make a simile:


For example....     strong ant  funny hyena  / messy pigsty 


3) Finally, write 5 of your best ideas onto the template below to complete your poem.  Complete the title with your name or call it 'Super Me'.



This week we are furthering our understanding of how to use our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help us with our number bonds to 100.


“ I know that _______ plus ______ is equal to ten.


So I know that _______ plus _______ is equal to one hundred."




“ I know that ten minus______ is equal to ______.


So I know that one hundred minus _______ is equal to ___________."





Use this to reinforce the idea of number bonds to ten can help in 2 digit problems.



Try this reasoning slide:  



Use this to help show that to find a number bond to 100 from any 2 digit number:

1) Bond the Ones digits to make 10

2) Bond the Tens digits to make 90 (NOT 100 - because you already have the other 10 from step 1).






You could use a blank 100 square like this to help you show number bonds to make 100:



23 + ___ = 100


___ + 68 = 100


100 = 47 + ___


100 - 61 = ___


100 - ___ = 38





Play 'Hit the Button' (link) and focus on number bonds  to 100.

Other Subjects:

Monday - Computing - Using iPads to make a poster promoting good road safety.

Wednesday - Geography - Using atlases / Google Earth to find major cities in the UK.

Friday - RE - If you have finished your storyboard for the Creation Story, try answering these questions;


1) Why do you think Christians might go to church on Sundays?


2) Christians believe God created everything in our world.  When Christians pray to God, what do you think they might want say to him?


3) God said that his creations were ‘good’ or ‘very good’.  What do you think is ‘very good’ about our world? Why?



Have a great half term break!