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Topic ~ Geography

Today we will continue to learn about the UK.  Can you remember what UK stands for?  Watch this short power point then choose one of the activities below.

Watch this power point first

Below are a choice of activities based on the power point today.  Maybe you will make a flag or choose to spend some time finding out about the islands around the UK.

The Union Flag or Union Jack is the flag of the UK. Have a go at making your own Union Flag.

If you don't fancy making a Union Flag today see what you can learn about some of the islands that surround the UK.  

Many small islands belong to the UK.  Below are pictures of six of them.  See if you can find them on a map of the UK (or use Google Maps).  Which one would you like to visit?  Can you find out any more about the island?  How do you get there?  How far away from Kington is it?  How big is it?  What is the weather like there? How many people live there (population)?