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Topic ~ Geography


In Geography we are going to start a new topic learning all about where we live.  We will start the topic by thinking about where we live.  You will need to draw 5 circles of different sizes.  On the smallest circle draw your own home and label it, on the next circle draw your town, village or hamlet, for this one you may like to print a picture of the town you live in or just write the name of the town/village.  For the third circle draw a picture for your county, Herefordshire.  The fourth circle will be your country, England or Wales.  If you have a printer you could print a map of the UK or you could draw the flag for your country.  The final circle is for your planet, the earth.  Now attach them altogether using a split pin or string.

Important Vocabulary for this lesson; town, village, hamlet, county, country,  England, Wales United Kingdom, UK, Herefordshire, Kington (etc..), Earth





In our lesson next week we will learn about how the United Kingdom is four countries, what those four countries are and where they are.