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Week 6 (8th to 12th February)

This week, our Morning Nursery Class is learning al about Pancake Day and our Afternoon Class is thinking about Valentine's Day and the people we love.


The stories, rhymes and activity grid below combine ideas from both topics - we hope that you have fun!


Please note that the stories and songs have links to videos on Youtube.  To keep your child safe, please always sit with your child to watch these videos together.  This way, you can close the page down when the story or song finishes and ensure that your child does not inadvertently click on any links or other videos that may be unsuitable.


'Pancake Day and Valentine's Day' Activity Grid

Stories to listen to with your child


  • The Big Pancake:


  • Mr Wolf's Pancakes by Jan Fearnley:


  • Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney:


  • The Colour Monster by Ana Llenas:


Our Rhymes of the Week


  • Stir a Pancake:


  • Skidamarink: