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We will start today's lesson by re-reading or listening to Sayeeda the Pirate Princess.  You will need pages 4-5 again if you want to follow the story as you listen.  This time as you are listening try and listen out for some of the following story language; Once upon a time, One, Luckily, Next and Finally.  Can you remember the actions for these words? If you can show them to your adults.   

Once you have listened to the story again, complete the quiz on page 8.  You may be able to write all the answers yourself or you may choose to share this job with your adult.  Try to write a minimum of three answers yourself.  Then finish the lesson by talking about the words on page 9 (Exploring Words Together).  Don't forget to stick your finished work in your home learning books and send me pictures via Tapestry or my e mail  


Additional Challenge

Have a go at drawing a picture of Sayeeda.  You can use the picture on your booklet to help you or your own ideas.  don't forget to share your pictures with me.