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Today we will aim to write the story that you made up yesterday.  Try to include as much of the story language as you can from the examples below (from page 15).

Once upon a time…      First…    Luckily…

Next…       Unluckily…      After that... 

galleon      Finally…      treasure    pirate

Start by telling your story again and checking that you have used as many of these words as you are able.  

Use your home school books to write up the first 3-4 sentences of your story.  If your story is longer than this ask your adult nicely if they could help you finish it.  When you have finished it re-read it to check that it all makes sense.  Also check that you have used capital letters to start sentences and for Fergus's name.  Don't forget your full stops too.  Give yourself a tick for each of the words above that you used.  I can't wait to read your exciting stories all about mischievous Fergus.  Good Luck.