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Ethos & Values

Our vision and values:


The school’s main purpose is to educate, providing opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential and their highest academic standard, in a friendly, co-operative and stimulating environment in partnership with parents.


Our aims are that children:

  • enjoy a happy and stable school life
  • develop a desire to learn, thus acquiring the basic skills to form a sure foundation
  • use the opportunities provided which allow for reflection, creativity, research and excitement
  • will attain the highest possible standards in all areas of learning
  • learn to work and play together, showing a willingness to share and respect the opinions and beliefs of others
  • develop independence and reliability thus promoting self esteem in all areas.


We place the emphasis on learning while ensuring that the whole school community flourishes socially, spiritually, intellectually and physically.


At our school, we hold these values to be central to how we work and learn together:

Happiness, Hope, Appreciation, Caring, Courage, Unity, Co-operation, Quality, Peace, Freedom, Simplicity, Friendship, Thoughtfulness, Understanding, Respect, Love, Responsibility, Honesty, Patience, Humility and Trust.