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In Year 6, homework is given out every Friday and will be a chance for pupils to practise the skills they have been learning during the week.  Please can every pupil hand their homework in by the following Wednesday.  If your child is struggling with a question or a piece of work, please encourage them to come and talk it through with us on the Monday or Tuesday before it is due in. 

Many thanks for your support. 

Homework expectations for Kington Primary School


Each week children will be introduced to new spellings. Look at the spelling section to find links to online games and the spelling lists. 


Statutory Spelling lists for Years 3/4 and Years 5/6


Please help your child to learn to read and spell these words, perhaps 4 or 5 every week.  If your child finds spellings hard then it would be a good idea to go through the Year 3 and 4 list first then move onto the Year 5 and 6 list.


Children should be able to discuss what the word means, especially if the same word has a few different meanings (e.g.: a cross, the girl was cross).  These are common words that they will find useful when reading their own books or texts in class as well as being able to use them in their own writing.


Many thanks for your support