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On our ‘Other’ button this week, we are learning about animals and their babies, as well as music all about animals.


(Grown ups: I have been trying to record a video or sound file for the children to listen to my voice, but the technology is working against me - sorry! I'll keep trying for later in the week... from Mrs Argyle)


Take a look at the pictures in the powerpoint below. Which are your favourite baby animals on the first page? I love the kitten with the two ducklings cuddling up to it! Then take a look and guess what baby animals my friend has in her house.

Now have a look at this powerpoint game. Can you guess the mummy?

Which is your favourite baby animal? Have you had any baby animals in your house? Maybe your cat had puppies or your dog had kittens. Hmm, that doesn’t sound right, what did I get wrong?