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Activity 1

Here’s a rhyme about a poodle. With your grown up you could use the internet to find out more about them. 

With your grown up see if you can learn this lovely rhyme. There are some actions too to help you.


I had a little poodle
(hold up fist)
His coat was silver gray,
One day I thought I'd bathe him,
To wash the dirt away,
I washed my little poodle,
(scrub fist with other hand),
then dried him with a towel
(pat fist like drying with a towel)
My poodle seemed to like his bath,
He didn't even growl. 

Activity 2

Take a look at this money story. What does Hassim say when to the shopkeeper when he goes shopping? He’s very polite!

Yesterday we used our money to go shopping. Today we are going to see how we can use different coins to make the same amount. Have your coins ready with your grown up to look at the Money powerpoint. Biff and Chip have got purses. Can you count the money in their purses?

Now we’re going to practise shopping with 2 different coins! Use your coins to see if you can buy a pet.