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In this section of your learning, each day this week we have two different types of activities: songs and money. The activities generally follow on from the previous day, so if you miss a day, you may want to go back and do the activity you’ve missed. 


Activity 1

At school we love listening to songs like the Super Simple Songs at snacktime. Here is a lovely one about having a pet.

Can you make up a verse about another pet? Ask your grown up to write in your book like this and you can choose your pet and write down the noise it makes. You can choose any pet you like!

Activity 2

This week we are going to be learning about money. We use money for lots of things. 


Listen to this song:

Have you got a moneybox or a purse? See if you can find each of the coins in the song.


With your grown up see if you can put them in order from the LOWEST to the HIGHEST value. Take a look at the colour and size of the coins, what do you notice?


That’s right! Some coins are brown (or ‘copper’) in colour, some are silver. Some are big and some are small. The biggest one is not the most expensive and the smallest is not the cheapest!


You might have some other coins or even notes in your piggy bank or purse. Talk to your grown up about what these are worth.

Extra! Here’s one of our favourite assembly songs. Can you remember the actions to go with it?