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Activity 1

Song: Listen to our pet song. Sing along if you can! 

This time we are going to see if we can keep the beat. Look around your house to find a musical instrument. Even if you don’t have one, you can use your imagination and make one. For example you could make a drum with a saucepan and wooden spoon, or use a jar with some rice or pasta in to make a shaker, or you can find two things to rub together to make a scraper. It doesn’t need to be noisy.


Play the song again and see if you can keep a steady beat. We have been practising this in school and you are getting really good at it!

Activity 2

Make sure you've got your coins ready! You will need a 1p, 2p and 5p. Which shops do you find? Look at how much everything costs. In each shop choose what you would like to buy and use your money to pay your grown up. Can you think of any different shops that I haven't shown you? What would you buy in there?

Now see if you can buy these pets from the pet shop. If you have a printer, you could print the animals and put your coins in the box to show your answer, then take a picture of your work so that I can see it on Tapestry! Or your gown up can help you to draw or write a list in your books.