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Snow closure

If we are not in school due to snow there are a few activities which we would suggest for you Year 4.

1. Go on TTRS or ask someone at home to check your tables with you either by choosing a times table and then rolling a dice to get the equation to solve or by them generating a mixed selection of problems to work on. How will you do? Will your score impress?

2. Read your book band book with someone recording in your reading diary the pages which you have read and how well you read. If wanted you can read via your Bug Club account.

3. Visit 'Spelling Frame' or ask someone at home to test you on this week's words.

4. Perhaps you will be inspired by the weather and could write a poem about the snow! You could try an acrostic version or another structure with illustrations. 

5. Have a look at the snow day activity sheet and see if there is anything on there you would like to explore.

6. Check the homework section of the website/google classroom for this week's task.

10th March extra activity = Roman numerals to work on in your homework book/paper.