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By the end of this unit...


...all children should be able to:
• Identify light sources.
• Understand that we need light to see.
• Know that light travels in a straight line.
• Identify reflective surfaces.
• Know that the sun can damage their eyes.
• Know how to protect their eyes from the sun.
• Understand that a shadow is formed when a solid object blocks light.

...most children will be able to:
• Understand that dark is the absence of light.
• Set up an investigation and make predictions.
• Understand how surfaces reflect light.
• Recognise that a mirror appears to reverse an image.
• Identify some parts of the eye.
• Understand how the sun can damage parts of the eye.
• Identify opaque, translucent and transparent objects.
• Know how shadows change size

...some children will be able to:
• Explain the properties of materials that reflect light well.
• Understand why shadows change size.
• Set up reliable and accurate investigations.
• Make and explain predictions.
• Make and record accurate observations.
• Use scientific language to explain their findings.
• Be able to ask and answer questions based on their learning using scientific language.