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Activity 1:


Phonics:  use the Phoebes phonics video to practice saying all your phase 2 and 3 sounds.  Or, you could visit the phonics play website (username:March20, password:home) and play Flashcards - Speedtrial.  How fast can you read all the phase 2 & 3 sounds?


Practise reading phase 2 words with the new video added today.


Last week we started reading and writing longer words made up of two syllables.  Practise clapping 2 syllable words with the Jack Hartman video clip then read the words on the syllable video link.  Copy these pictures into your Literacy book and write the words by sounding out the first syllable and then the second.

Activity 2:


Sign into the getepic website with the class code jdi7257.  I have assigned a book for you to listen to, 'Supercute baby chickens'.  When you have finished can you draw the life cycle of a hen in your Literacy book, an egg, a chick, a hen and label your pictures?