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Activity 1:


Phonics:  We are very excited that we have managed to set up a class login so the children can access their favourite phonics activities on the website 'Busythings'.  Click on the link below to reach the website and login with username: Kington20  password: March20.

To find the phonics activities click on the buttons in this order - looks long winded but very easy once you are on the page.  Early Years...Upper Reception...Literacy Communication Language...Phonics Programme...Phases 2, 3 & 4....Blending & Segmenting.

The children regularly play 'Read & Feed' and 'Scribble & Spell' in our phonics lessons but feel free to explore all the games.  Watch out as the children love to get the answers wrong to see how the characters dog and cat respond!  We usually make them do 2 correct answers before letting them get one wrong on purpose smiley

Activity 2:


Make a card for someone in your home to say 'Thank you' for helping you this week.  Maybe put a picture of a rainbow on the front.  There are lots of rainbow pictures in pepole's windows at the moment, a sign of hope and peace in these strange times.