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Activity 1:


Phonics.  Watch the phonics film via the video link below.  Then practise reading some phase 2 words using the second video. Both are listed under Reception. 

Practise your tricky words with this song that you know.  Write the tricky words in your Literacy book, I, no, go, the, to, he, she, me, we.  Can you think of a sentence to write with the words e.g. I go to the shops.  Write the sentence and draw a picture in the space above your writing.

Activity 2:


Look at the lovely Spring picture.  Can you draw one like this in your Literacy book.  Can you write 3 simple sentences about it starting with "I can see..."

Signs of Spring

Activity 3:

Listen to the story 'The Odd Egg'.  Duck's egg looks strange, what do you think will come out of it?  In your Literacy book draw the strangest looking egg you can and a picture of what you would like to come out of it.  Write the sentence ' A ................. came out of my egg.'  Remember fingers spaces, full stop and letters on the line.

My Odd Egg