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Activity 1:


We have been starting to learn our teen numbers in Reception.  This week we will look at number 14.  Watch the Numberblocks Number 14 on the You tube link.


Make 2 collections of objects from around your house, 10 of one thing and 4 of another.  Count them altogether and check there are 14.  Post a picture of your objects on Tapestry.

How many pencils can you see, how many apples?  How many objects altogether?


In your maths book draw 14 dots as they would look in a tens frame.

Complete this number sentence to go with it.  10 + ? = 14


Now lay out your number cards from your home learning pack in order from 1-20.  Can you show your grown up the number 14?

Activity 2:


Let's continue with some Easter maths using 'Starting with a story - Egg box play'.  I'd love to see what you collected, post a picture on Tapestry.



Activity 3:


In your maths book can you draw 14 eggs.  Colour 10 one colour and 4 a different colour.  Write a number sentence to go with it.