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Activity 1:


Practise counting up to 20 with Mr Mc's catchy song!  Now you have seen and said the numbers in the song see if you can lay your number cards out from 1-20 correctly.  Ask your grown up to cover their eyes and then you switch 2 of the cards around.  Can they count up the numberline and spot which ones are in the wrong place?  Now you cover your eyes and they will switch two cards around, can you spot which ones are wrong?  Have a few goes each to see who is the quickest to spot the odd ones out yes

Activity 2:


This weeks extra maths challenges are based around the story of Supertato!  Listen to the story and then see if you can meet the challenge of building a trap to freeze the evil pea!  Send us photos of your traps through Tapestry.

Making a trap for the evil pea!