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This week we are learning about lots of different minibeasts and will be looking at length, repeating patterns and making homes for minibeasts.



Let’s start by looking at long ones. Last week we learned all about the Hungry Caterpillar. I didn’t see any caterpillars on my minibeast hunt, did you? But I did find millipedes which I think are beautiful They have shiny bodies and when you find them they are curled up in a spiral shape.


Choose which one you would like to find out more about – or you can watch both!

These are both long minibeasts. I wonder if you can make your own long caterpillar or millipede? Your challenge to day is to make three different ones out of anything you can find in your house or garden.


Can you make one as long as a pencil?

Can you make one as long as a teaspoon?

Can you make one as long as a shoe?


Which one is the longest? Which one is the shortest?