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This week on our Other button, we are going to be learning about some different minibeasts and making patterns like a butterfly’s wings.


First take a look at this video which introduces us to lots of minibeasts.

Which is your favourite minibeast? I find worms fascinating and they do a great job in my garden. I love ladybirds too, they are very pretty.


Now it’s time to get outside and see if we can find our own minibeasts! We must be careful that we don’t hurt them. If you want to hold them, pick them up gently and always put them back in their home where you found them.


Where do you think we should look? Minibeasts like to hide, so look under stones, logs, flowerpots, cracks in walls. Take some pictures if you can or make a list with your grown up – or you can use this checklist if you like.


I’ll tell you tomorrow what I found in my garden! Happy hunting!